Particulars Description
TYPE of Material for Framing Cold form Alum zinc steel with 150GSM (55% Al and 45% Zn)
cold form galvanized steel with 180GSM
Web & Flange of the Stud 89mm & 41mm
Thickness 0.75 mm to 1.2 mm (depending upon the requirement)
Density of Light Gauge Steel Framing 7850 kg/m3
Yield Strength 350Mpa - 550Mpa
Designed Section C shape & U shape
Accessibility Pre-punched service holes, dimples, cuts for serviceability
Design Criteria As per international standards of AISI
(American Iron and Steel Institute)

Sheathing Material

Particulars Description
Sheeting Material Paustic Board (magnesium)
Thickness of Paustic Board 8mm/9mm/10mm
Density 1000 - 1200 kg/m3
Dimensional Stability in mm
(length, width, thickness)
±2mm, ±2mm, 0.4mm
Moisture Content 4% -9%
Screw Withdrawal Force ≥ 70N/mm
Screw Holding Capacity ≥ 20kg/ screw
Bending Strength ≥ 8Mpa
Environment No radiation, no asbestos and formaldehyde free
Water Permeability No moisture or water
Colour Slate grey and/or chalk white
Surface Smooth (one sided)


Particulars Description
Insulating material Rockwool
Density of insulting material 48 kg/m3
Thickness of Insulation 50mm/90 mm

Screws and Anchor Fasteners

Particulars Description
Screws for studs Self-drilling Stainless-steel screws
Screws for sheeting Self-drilling screws
Anchor Fasteners Stainless-steel

Jointing and Finishing Compound

Particulars Description
Joint filler Ready to use EJC
Binding tape Self-adhesive glass-fibre tape
Paintable Yes

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