How to shift the existing structure?

It can be carried out very easily by referring the drawing provided by us. One can just go through drawings and start removing the components and can assemble it again where they need to be newly placed.

Can we hand heavy loads on the wall?

Yes, one can provide heavy loads on wall like overhangs of kitchen, rooms, offices, etc. One need to fix it on the studs directly by screws or with fasteners.

Can we make floor truss?

Yes, one can have floor trusses. Up to G+3 can be constructed completely by using L.G.S.F.

Can we have sloping roof trusses?

Yes, one can achieve different type of sloping roof system like four side slopes, valleys, etc.

Can we make duplex or bungalow with this completely?

Yes, by using this technology one can built complete structure with L.G.S.F.

Is it providing good acoustics?

Yes, it can provide really good value of noise reduction, up to 54db.

Is it providing good fire rating?

Yes, it provides 2hour of fire rating.

Can we stick tiles and other cladding materials?

Yes, one can provide a chicken mesh on the board surface by screws and stick it with the tile adhesive.

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